Cutting the Cord Option #5: Hulu Plus

[Another site that won’t load for me?]

Price: $7.99/month

Competition: Netflix ($8/month) & Amazon Prime Instant Video ($99 per year for a membership = $8.25 per month)

Applications/Channels: Over 120 seasons and 2,000 episodes including current shows like Family Guy and The Office and classic shows such as Lost.


  • Ability to watch the latest television episodes
  • Exclusive content
  • Works well on iPhone or iPad


  • Poor User Experience – many commercials – choppy service

Bottom Line:

Hulu Plus provides the best way to catch up on current episodes of the biggest network shows.  While Hulu Plus is beneficial in that you can watch shows the day after they air on major networks, Netflix offers content from more providers and has a larger selection with no ads.  As I already have access to Netflix and have an Amazon Prime membership, this doesn’t appear to offer anything different.

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