The Decision

Okay, so this isn’t exactly on the same level as LeBron James, but I know you’ve been waiting on pins and needles to see what I’ll be replacing DirecTV with.  Kidding, of course.

Anyways, after much research, I’ve decided on the following plan:

TV #1 [Primary]

  • Antenna [$15]
  • Sling TV [$20/month]
  • Amazon Fire TV [$50 special when signing up with Sling TV)
  • Blu-ray Player [already have]

TV #2

  • Antenna [$6.98]
  • Amazon Instant Video/Netflix on PS3 [8.25/month for Amazon Prime] [already have]
  • Possible (but need to look into): NBA League Pass

One antenna has already been purchased ($15) and has given us 25 channels including ABC, NBC, and CBS.  Amazon Fire TV will allow us to access a plethora of services, including Sling TV (which will give us ESPN, ESPN2, Disney, ABC Family, and others).  One big positive is that if you sign up for Sling TV for three months, you get $50 off Amazon Fire TV (basically cutting the price in half).

The only things we’ll be missing out on are recording/pausing/rewinding live TV, as well as certain channels such as Nick Jr., MSG, and TLC.

By the numbers:

  • Total upfront cost: $71.98
  • Total monthly cost: $28.25
  • Total monthly savings: $67.75 (from the $96 for DirecTV) !

On a side note, I’ve developed an application that calculates these numbers for you, giving you a guideline as you make the same purchasing decisions with streaming services and players.

Check it out here or copy and paste the below URL to view and make sure to share on Facebook and Twitter!

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